Launching the Life in Kyrgyzstan Webinar Series

We are delighted to announce the commencement of our monthly webinar series, “Life in Kyrgyzstan,” with its inaugural session featuring the discussion titled “How War in Ukraine Has Shaped Migration Flows in Central Asia“, co-authored by Aleksey Oshchepkov (Free University of Berlin), Kanat Tilekeyev and Christopher Gerry (University of Central Asia).

Join us online on 15 February, 17:00 Bishkek time by registering in this link:

The war in Ukraine has reshaped international migration flows, leading to a significant influx of migrants from Russia to Central Asia. High-skilled Russians have relocated across Central Asia, presenting economic and technological opportunities for Central Asian countries. In the context of a high historical dependency of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on remittances from their own migrants in Russia, these new war-induced developments require ongoing monitoring and an agile policy framework. This lecture explores the impact of war-induced migration, emphasizing the need for strategic responses to navigate challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in Central Asia.