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Human Resources for Inclusive Growth in ADB’s Country Diagnostic Study of the Kyrgyz Republic: Improving Growth Potential

This study presents an in-depth analysis of the sector reforms needed to enable the Kyrgyz Republic to achieve higher and more sustainable economic growth. Dr Damir Esenaliev co-authored the chapter on Human Resources for Inclusive Growth.

Gender Earnings Inequality and Wage Policy: Teachers, Health Care, and Social Workers in Central Asia

The policy reform conducted in 2011 in Kyrgyzstan to increase the wages for teachers, health and social workers not only reduced wage gap in these sectors compared to non-reformed sectors, but also had a pronounced gender gap narrowing effect in the reform sectors and economy-wide.

The Impact of Job Quality on Wellbeing: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

Income and hours worked are insufficient to measure job quality yet these domains dominate literature aimed at understanding its relationship with wellbeing.…