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Marriage traditions and investment in education: The case of bride kidnapping

The effect of bride kidnapping on girls’ education is theoretically ambiguous. In Kyrgyzstan, there is a negative relationship between regional kidnapping rates and education of girls. Kyrgyz households in traditional regions may increase education of girls as a deterrence against bride kidnapping.

Gender Gap in Housework: Couples’ Data Analysis in Kyrgyzstan

By Kamila Kolpashnikova and Man-Yee Kan The paper analyzes couples’ time-use diaries from the 2012–2013 Life in Kyrgyzstan data. Using the pooled…

Employment Vulnerability, Wages, and Subjective Well-Being in Kyrgyzstan

The results of this study indicate that employment vulnerability results in lower earnings, negatively affecting the well-being of workers in Kyrgyzstan, and that these effects are worse for women.