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Household survey data for research on well-being and behavior in Central Asia.

Brück, T., Esenaliev, D., Kroeger, A., Kudebayeva, A., Mirkasimov, B., & Steiner, S. (2014). Household survey data for research on well-being and…

Gender Earnings Inequality and Wage Policy: Teachers, Health Care, and Social Workers in Central Asia” by Kathryn Anderson and Damir Esenaliev

Abstract:In 2011, the government of Kyrgyzstan increased the wages paid to teachers, healthcare workers, and social workers (EHS) in response to national…

Post-socialist transition and intergenerational educational mobility in Kyrgyzstan

We investigate long-term trends in intergenerational educational mobility in a lower middle-income transition economy. We draw on evidence from Kyrgyzstan using data…