Data Access

The Life in Kyrgyzstan Study data for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, and 2019 are available for data users from the International Data Service Center of the Institute for Study of Labour (IDSC IZA). The LiK data are provided after registration of a user and signing a short data use contract. The LiK data survey and step-by-step instructions on dataset access are here.

Survey Questionnaires

The LiK survey questionnaires are available in three languages: Russian, Kyrgyz and English. The survey questionnaires comprise of the following types:

  1. Control card of a household (filled out by the interviewer).
  2. Household (filled out by interviewing the most informed household member).
  3. Agriculture (the most relevant household member; starting from the 5th wave in 2016).
  4. Individual (household members aged 18 years and older).
  5. Youth (members aged 14-17; introduced in the 6th wave in 2019).
  6. Community (a local administration representative or a community leader).

Each of the questionnaires consists of several modules, most of the modules consist, in turn, of several sections.

▸ Household Questionnaire

▸ Agricultural Questionnaire

▸ Individual Questionnaire

▸ Youth Questionnaire

▸ Community Questionnaire