Data Access

Data overview

The ‘Life in Kyrgyzstan’ Study (LiK) is a multi-purpose, socio-economic survey covering a wide range of topics for economic and sociological research. This projects aims to:

  • to collect nationally representative panel survey data in Kyrgyzstan
  • to investigate well-being and household behavior in this country
  • to improve research capacity within the Central Asian region.

The data is broad enough to allow for different measures of wellbeing, such as, for example, income, child health, or life satisfaction.

The LiK collects data in all seven Kyrgyz oblasts (i.e. Batken, Chui, Djalal-Abad, Issyk-Kul,
Naryn, Osh, and Talas) and the cities of Bishkek and Osh. It is representative at the national
level as well as for urban and rural areas and for the south and the north of the country.

The original sample that was drawn for the first wave of data collection consists of
3,000 households and slightly more than 8,000 individuals in these households.

Survey Questionnaires

The survey questionnaires supporting the datasets are available in three languages: Russian, Kyrgyz and English. There are four survey questionnaires for each wave:

  • Control card of a household
  • Household (filled out by the most informative household member)
  • Individual (filled out by all adult household members aged 18 years and older)
  • Community (filled out by the community leader, so called “ayil bashchi”)

Each of the questionnaires consists of several modules, most of the modules consist, in turn, of several sections.

  • Household Questionnaire:
    1. Household Roster (Household Composition, Child Education, Child Health)
    2. Housing and Assets (Housing, Assets, Land)
    3. Agricultural Markets (Trade Activity, Employees, Quality Requirements)
    4. Consumption and Expenditure (Food Items, Non-Food Items, Expenses on Customs and Traditions)
    5. Income Sources
    6. Migration (Current Labour Migration, Remittances, Reverse Remittances)
    7. Shocks
  • Individual Questionnaire:
    1. Subjective Well-Being
    2. Education and Health (Education, Health)
    3. Labour Market (Current Employment Status, Work during the last 7 Days, Current Unemployment or Inactivity, Work during the last 12 Months, Labour Market CV)
    4. Movements
    5. Family and Household (Family, Decision Making, Time Use, Women’s Background and Fertility)
    6. Worries
    7. Security and Violence (Perception of Security, Violence, Displacement)
    8. Social Life (Membership in Groups, Informal Networks, Trust and Information)
  • Community Questionnaire:
    1. Community Information
    2. Prices for Food Products


The Survey Questionnaires in three languages (English, Russian, and Kyrgyz) conducted in 2010-2013 years can be downloaded from here:

2010 year: Data2010_questionnaires

2011 year: Data2011_questionnaires

2012 year: Data2012_questionnaires

2013 year: Data2013_questionnaires

Interviewer manuals for all four waves (2010-2013) can be downloaded from here Interviewer manuals


LiK Datasets

The Life in Kyrgyzstan Study data is available for external researchers from IZA’s International Data Service Center (IDSC). The data are made available after registration of the users and signing a data use contract. The LiK data survey and step-by-step instructions on dataset access are here.