The LiK Study covers a wide range of topics – from household demographics, assets, income sources, expenditure, migration to individual well-being, employment, social networks, decision-making, and attitudes among many other topics. The data gives opportunity to conduct research on different topics. In this page, we list the academic articles, working papers, and other publications that used the LiK data.


Journal Articles 

Anderson, K. H., & Esenaliev, D. (2019). Gender Earnings Inequality and Wage Policy: Teachers, Health Care, and Social Workers in Central Asia. Comparative Economic Studies, 1–25. 

Esenaliev, D., & Ferguson, N. T. N. (2019). The Impact of Job Quality on Wellbeing: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan. Social Indicators Research, 144(1), 337–378. Open Access   

  • also as: 1) GLM LIC Working Paper #44 ; 2) UCA Working Paper #41 .

Paulone, S., & Ivlevs, A. (2019). Emigration and alcohol consumption among migrant household members staying behind: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan. Social Science & Medicine, 221, 40–48.

Steiner, S., & Becker, C. M. (2019). How marriages based on bride capture differ: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan. Demographic Research, 41, 579–592. Link


Working papers, reports, and other publications 

Tilekeyev, K., Tokubek uulu, B., Kirbasheva, D., Niiazaliev, B., & Abdrazakova, N. (2019). Analysis of Youth Labor Market Trends in Kyrgyzstan. UCA Working Paper #52. Bishkek.



Journal Articles 

Brück, T., & Esenaliev, D. (2018). Post-socialist transition and intergenerational educational mobility in Kyrgyzstan. Economics of Transition, 26(1), 61–89. Open Access  

  • Also as: 1) IZA Discussion Paper #7318 ; 2) DIW Discussion Paper #1284

Landmann, A., Seitz, H., & Steiner, S. (2018). Patrilocal Residence and Female Labor Supply: Evidence From Kyrgyzstan. Demography, 55(6), 2181–2203.

  • Also as: 1) IZA Discussion Paper #10890 ; 2) DIW Discussion Paper #1705

Tertytchnaya, K., De Vries, C., Solaz, H., & Doyle, D. (2018). When the Money Stops: Fluctuations in Financial Remittances and Incumbent Approval in Central Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. American Political Science Review, 112(04), 758–774.

Werner, C., Edling, C., Becker, C., Kim, E., Kleinbach, R., Sartbay, F. E., & Teachout, W. (2018). Bride kidnapping in post-Soviet Eurasia: a roundtable discussion. Central Asian Survey, 37(4), 582–601.

Zhunusova, E., & Herrmann, R. (2018). Development Impacts of International Migration on “Sending” Communities: The Case of Rural Kyrgyzstan. The European Journal of Development Research, 30(5), 871–891.


Working papers, reports, and other publications 

Becker, C., & Steiner, S. (2018). How Forced Marriages Differ: Evidence on Assortative Mating in Kyrgyzstani Marriages. UCA IPPA Working Paper #45. Bishkek.

Brück, T., Hennicke, M., & Schumann, A. (2018). Ethnic Inequality and Forced Displacement. ECARES Working Papers #2018–27. Brussels.

Chakraborty, T., & Pandey, M. (2018). Temporary International Migration and Shocks: Analysis using panel data. Departmental Working Papers #2018–03. Department of Economics, the University of Winnipeg.

Kosec, K., Akramov, K., Mirkasimov, B., & Song, J. (2018). Aspirations and women’s empowerment: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan. IFPRI Discussion Paper #1786. Washington, DC.



Journal Articles 

Becker, C. M., Mirkasimov, B., & Steiner, S. (2017). Forced Marriage and Birth Outcomes. Demography, 54(4), 1401–1423.

  • Also as: 1) ERID Working Paper No. 204 .  2) UCA Working Paper #35     

Dávalos, J., Karymshakov, K., Sulaimanova, B., & Abdieva, R. (2017). Remittances and labor supply of the left-behind youth: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 26(3), 352–380.

  • Also as PEP Working Paper #2016-05  .


Working papers, reports, and other publications

Brück, T., Justino, P., & Martin-Shields, C. P. (2017). Conflict and Development: Recent Research Advances and Future Agenda. UNU-WIDER Working Paper #178/2017. Helsinki.

OECD/ILO. (2017). How Immigrants Contribute to Kyrgyzstan’s Economy. International Labour Organization and OECD. Geneva/Paris.

Karymshakov, K., & Sulaimanova, B. (2017). Migration impact on left-behind women’s labour participation and time-use. WIDER Working Paper #119. Helsinki.

Larsen, M. M., & Boehnke, K. (2017). Measuring Social Cohesion in the Kyrgyz Republic. UCA Working Paper #37. Bishkek.



Journal Articles

Karymshakov, K., Abdieva, R., & Sulaimanova, B. (2016). Determinants of Risk Tolerance: Empirical Evidence from Kyrgyzstan. Reforma, 1(69), 54–61.


Working papers, reports, and other publications

Muktarbek kyzy, A. (2016). Gender Aspects of Households’ Saving Behavior in the Kyrgyz Republic. NBKR Working Paper #1/2016. Bishkek.

Ibraeva, G., & Ablezova, M. (2016). Kyrgyzstan – extended migration profile 2010-2015. National Institute for Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic and IOM. Bishkek.



Journal Articles

Bertram-Hümmer, V., & Baliki, G. (2015). The Role of Visible Wealth for Deprivation. Social Indicators Research, 124(3), 765–783.

Brück, T., Justino, P., Verwimp, P., Avdeenko, A., & Tedesco, A. (2015). Measuring Violent Conflict in Micro-level Surveys: Current Practices and Methodological Challenges. The World Bank Research Observer, 31(1).

Chakraborty, T., Mirkasimov, B., & Steiner, S. (2015). Transfer behavior in migrant sending communities. Journal of Comparative Economics, 43(3), 690–705. 

  • Also as: 1) IZA Discussion Paper #7406  


Working papers, reports, and other publications

Barrientos, A., & Kudebayeva, A. (2015). Social Transfers and Women’s Labour Supply in Kyrgyzstan. GDI Working Paper #215/2015. The University of Manchester. 

Esenaliev, D. and Kisunko, G. (2015). Local Budget Transparency and Participation: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper #7154. Washington D.C. 

Guelfi, A., & Sattar, S. (2015). Poverty and Economic Mobility in the Kyrgyz Republic: Some insights from the ‘Life in Kyrgyzstan Survey’. World Bank Working Paper #99775. Washington D.C. 

Jenish, N. (2015). The Effect of Salary Increases on Labour Supply in the Kyrgyz Republic: The Case of Teachers and Medical Workers. UCA IPPA Working Paper #33. Bishkek.

Muktarbek kyzy, A., Seyitov, T., & Jenish, N. (2015). Remittances and Expenditure Patterns of Households in the Kyrgyz Republic, NBKR Working Paper #2/2015. Bishkek.



Brück, T., Esenaliev, D., Kroeger, A., Kudebayeva, A., Mirkasimov, B., & Steiner, S. (2014). Household survey data for research on well-being and behavior in Central Asia. Journal of Comparative Economics, 42(3), 819–835.

  • Also as: 1) IZA Discussion Paper #7055 ;  2) DIW Discussion Paper #1257