An article on household energy use published in Journal of Environmental Management

The paper by Kapsalyamova et al. (2021) published in the Journal of Environmental Management analyzes dirty cooking fuel choice drivers when access to clean fuel, such as electricity, is provided. The paper uses nationally representative household surveys, including LiK data, to study the household energy use decisions in India, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The study discusses the role of access to natural gas, free fuel, convenience or multi-use of fuels featured by the heating system, built-in environment, and other socio-economic factors in household fuel choice for cooking. The results show that access to natural gas increases the likelihood of opting for clean fuel, while the availability of free fuel in rural areas and the coal-based heating system promote the use of solid fuels.

Kapsalyamova, Z., Mishra, R., Kerimray, A., Karymshakov, K., & Azhgaliyeva, D. (2021). Why energy access is not enough for choosing clean cooking fuels? Evidence from the multinomial logit model. Journal of Environmental Management, 290, 112539.