Transfer behavior in migrant sending communities

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  • How marriages based on bride capture differ: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

    A significant proportion of women in the Kyrgyz Republic marry via ala kachuu, generally translated as bride capture or kidnapping. Many regard this practice as harmless elopement or a tradition; others perceive it as a form of forced marriage. This paper contributes to the understanding of ala kachuu by exploring the extent to which couples in these marriages differ from those in arranged or love marriages. This paper provides a novel source of evidence on the possible nonconsensual nature of bride capture in Kyrgyzstan, adding further weight to those arguing that it is forced. … read more »

  • Employment Vulnerability, Wages, and Subjective Well-Being in Kyrgyzstan

    The results of this study indicate that employment vulnerability results in lower earnings, negatively affecting the well-being of workers in Kyrgyzstan, and that these effects are worse for women. … read more »