Program & Presentations

“Life in Kyrgyzstan” Conference 2017


Plenary Session 1. Keynote Speech by Prof. Tilman Brück
The Times They Are a-Changin’: The Long-Term Dynamics of Livelihoods and Institutions in Kyrgyzstan

Session A. Social Cohesion Research and Programming in Kyrgyzstan

Damir Esenaliev, Gulzhan Asylbek kyzy, Aida Bolotbekova
Launch of national social cohesion index for Kyrgyzstan

Bakytbek Tokubek uulu, Philipp Schroeder
Qualitative approaches in researching social cohesion

Rakhat Ismanbaeva
In pursuit of enhancing social cohesion: innovations in implementation

Session B. Climate Change and Livestock Sector in Kyrgyzstan

Nicholas Sitko
Enhancing livestock herders’ welfare in the context of climate change: An analysis of the 2012 harsh winter in Kyrgyzstan

Felix Teillard, Alessandra Falcucci
The role of livestock in adapting to climate change, reducing GHG emissions and supporting food security in Kyrgyzstan

Roman Mogilevskii
Development of Sheep Meat Production in Kyrgyzstan and the Effects of Climate Change

Session C. Export Markets and Integration Processes

Kanat Tilekeyev, Roman Mogilevskii, Nazgul Abdrazakova, Shoola Djumaeva
Bean Value Chain and Export Capacity in the Kyrgyz Republic

Isabel Teichmann, Damir Esenaliev
Determinants and Welfare Effects of Smallholder Export Participation in Kyrgyzstan

Zalina Enikeeva
EAEU and Silk Road Economic Belt: is it really a “win-win” cooperation? The case of Central Asia

Session D. Analyzing and Enhancing the Capacity of Central Asian Mountain Societies to cope with Environmental and Policy Changes

Altyn Kapalova (presented by Lira Sagynbekova)

Water resources management in Kyrgyz mountain communities: informal institutions and the role of women

Asel Murzakulova
From Kolhoz to farmer: contemporary challenges for water management in border communities

Stefanos Xenarios, Sujata Manandhar, Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt
Climate vulnerability and adaptive capacity of mountain societies in Central Asia

Session E. Household Welfare in Central Asia

Saida Ismailakhunova, Aliya Ismailakhunova
Poverty, Equity and Mobility in the Kyrgyz Republic: Assessing Trends, Drivers and Challenges

Burulcha Sulaimanova, Zhunus Ganiev, Damira Baigonushova, Razia Abdieva
Food Demand in Kyrgyzstan

Irina Lukashova, Nikolai Mokrousov
Comparative Analysis of Nutrition Indicators Dynamics in Lower Decile Groups of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan

Session F. Pursuing Happiness: Aspirations, Expectations, Reality

Kamijon Akramov, Brian Holtemeyer, Katrina Kosec, Kanat Tilekeyev

Aspirations, Attitudes, and Investments: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

Franziska Gassmann, Jennifer Waidler
For Better or Worse: Aspirations and Expectations of Central Asia’s Youth

Jennifer Waidler, Franziska Gassmann, Melissa Siegel
In pursuit of happiness: do social assistance and remittances improve subjective well-being?

Plenary Session 2 : Keynote Speech by Prof. Charles Becker
Bride Abduction and Modeling Inter Generational Incentives

Session G. Bride kidnapping and intra-household relations

Susan Steiner, Charles Becker
Bride Kidnapping and Psychological Stress

Charles Becker, Joshua Jacobs, Susan Steiner
Bride Abduction in Kyrgyzstan: Social Rationale and Personal Consequences

Kamila Kolpashnikova
Life Course in Kyrgyzstan: Older Women Do Less Housework

Session H. Trends in and Policies for Technological Innovation in Central Asia

Roman Mogilevskii
Labor Market Trends and Policies

Nazgul Zhenish
Technological Development and Innovations: Trends and Policies

Parviz Khakimov
Climate Change Adaptation Trends and Policies

Session I. Policy, evidence, and implementation: regional and local perspectives

Azamat Azarov, Aline Rosset
Merging Social-Ecological Research, Development Studies and Citizen Science in Central Asia

Oleksandr Kiliievych
Evidence-based Policy Making and Performance Evaluation: a Comparative Case of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan

Nazik Imanbekova
Empowering Local Communities in the Kyrgyz Mining Sector: the Case of Talas

Session J. Migration, shocks, technology

Brian Holtemeyer, Katrina Kosec
Migration Responses to Household Income Shocks

Eugenia Chernina
Household’s Migration Decision as a Response to Natural Shocks

Vanessa Ruget, Burul Usmanalieva
Mobile Phone Use among Kyrgyzstani Migrants in Russia

Session K. Gender and Health

Erkina Esenalieva
Male Labour Migration and Health and Socio-Economic Well-Being of Women Left Behind: the Case of Kyrgyz Republic

Katrina Kosec, Olga Shemyakina
Land Reform and Child Health in Kyrgyzstan

Session L. Employment in Central Asia

Tilman Brück, Clotilde Mahe, Wim Naude
Return Migration and Self-Employment Dynamics: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

Kamalbek Karymshakov, Burulcha Sulaimanova
Education–Job Mismatch and Employment Outcomes of Youth in Kyrgyzstan